I'm a figure skater who loves the sport and loves watching the competitive skaters do their thing.
I post lots of videos, some pictures, updates on what's going on in the junior and senior competitive world, and whatever else I like to ramble about.
Feel free to ask questions, but if you're asking something specific to a particular level, please give examples of the elements for that level if it is not a USFSA or ISI level (google can only help me so much). Thanks!

About me:
Passed ISI Freestyle 7, USFS Juvenile Moves in the Field and Freeskate tests. Working on Intermediate MIF.
Teach group, private, and adaptive skating lessons.


"I knew little Patrick when he was, like, thirteen. I take some pride in the fact
that I, you know, I took him out to his first night club.”

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Adelina Sotnikova | 2014 Winter Olympics Medal Ceremony

Congratulations to Adelina for being the first Russian lady to win gold in figure skating!

Meryl Davis & Charlie White | Ice Dance GOLD Medalists

2014 Winter Olympics (February 18, 2014)

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After the Free Dance {Kudos to the Russian fans for the video}

  • The Moirs and the Virtue brothers.
  • High-fives!
  • A kiss and a group hug.
  • Current Ice Dance Queen hugs the next in line; Tatiana Tarasova congratulates Tessa.
  • The Moir brothers congratulate Tessa & Scott.