I'm a figure skater who loves the sport and loves watching the competitive skaters do their thing.
I post lots of videos, some pictures, updates on what's going on in the junior and senior competitive world, and whatever else I like to ramble about.

About me:
Passed ISI Freestyle 7, USFS Juvenile Moves in the Field and Freeskate tests.
Teach group, private, and adaptive skating lessons.


2014 Estonian Figure Skating Championship Results

Held in Tallinn, Estonia

Senior Men

1. Viktor Romanenkov - 185.12

2. Samuel Koppel - 157.62

Senior Ladies

1. Helery Halvin - 150.28

2. Gerli Liinamae - 148.39

3. Eike Langebaur - 119.29

4. Natalja Gordejeva - 104.69

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